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Abbey Lee Kershaw’s band Our Mountain is Worth a Listen

Throughout the history of pop culture there’s been no shortage of crossover attempts from fashion to music. And to be fair, it makes sense that beautiful people might think all they needed for musical success was a pretty face & a good photo pose. Flip on MTV (on the 1 hour of the day that the station plays music) and you’ll see what I mean.

See when I heard that star model Abbey Lee Kershaw was another one with musical aspirations my hopes were high, but I kept my ears open. Thankfully, Abbey – along with her ex-model ex-boyfriend – are bringing us some pretty decent sounds with their band Our Mountain. The 4-piece designs themselves as Grime/Psychedelic on their Myspace page.

“Playing music I become a different person.” says Kershaw “I think with modelling my job is to be a blank canvas, but with music i don’t feel that way. It’s just me and i’m expressing what i’m feeling at that time.”

Check out the band’s single “Wooden Hearts” below.

Our Mountain- Wooden Hearts by


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