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Raja Drawja: Sutan Amrull’s Realtime Portrait of Mathu Andersen

A photo posted by Mathu Andersen (@mathu7) on

Sutan Amrull – better known as Raja – is a make-up artist, a touring queen and the Season 3 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He’s also an amazing illustrator whose work we have the pleasure of witnessing in realtime via the new World of Wonder YouTube series Raja Drawja.

The latest installment features the multi-talented Raja creating the likeness of fellow aesthetic master, Mathu Andersen. In the video, which can be viewed below. The two friends engage in casual convo while Raja sketches, shades and colors what appears to be Mathu in the above look.

In the convo we learn Mathu once had the privelege of performing 5am blowouts on the infamous Anna Wintour bob. According to the story, he lost the gig after over-sleeping due to some late-night draganigans. The blip didn’t appears to derail his career. Perhaps it even did it some good, as he’s now in quite a more interesting space. Peep Mathu’s best-known muse in the gram below.

A photo posted by Mathu Andersen (@mathu7) on

Andersen recently hosted a gallery showing of self portraits is Los Angeles. An even for which it appears the artist chose the relative comfort of modern male dress. i.e. the “freedom of an unfettered waist.” Freedom, indeed.

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