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Prince Blesses ‘New Girl’ with a Makeover

Prince is one of those artists: the kind that has a long list of hits, but still manages to surprise us often with an oldie from his sizable catalog that still feels as fresh and fun as the day it was pressed. “When You Were Mine” played in the background of the makeover montage, as Prince gives New Girl lead, , some pointers how to dress and how to open up to love. It was the best part of the segment.

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Prince fans who tuned in were kept waiting for the whole episode to get what they came for: THE MUSIC. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived show for the icon, as the episode only had time for a short Prince-Jess duet. In any case, the song, which is reportedly called “Don’t You Wanna Fall in Love” is a fun one that makes you wanna dance.

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