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Alice Dellal: Bang Bang

Alice Dellal: Bang Bang on

Fashion films are notoriously overly-artsy (got something to prove, do we fashion crowd?) and this one is no exception. I wish they’d just let model Alice Dellal just play her solo, so we could actually hear if she’s any good.

Stripped down to lingerie by Bordelle and DKNY, Brazilian model Alice Dellal lets loose on her Premier drum kit in an exclusive edit of Matthew Donaldson’s ground shaking new short. The heiress is known for championing the punk undercut and vamping for labels such as Agent Provocateur and Burberry, but she’s also on percussion for female rock quartet Thrush Metal, which features fellow models Emma Chitty and Laura Fraser and socialite Isabella Ramsey.

Here’s Thrush Metal playing a pub in London… meh

Photo: Vogue Brazil March 2010 via

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