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Saul Williams at The Masquerade, Atlanta

Photo by Brandon English for

Last Saturday I happened upon a notice that Saul Williams would be playing The Masquerade here in Atlanta. I wasn’t that familiar with his work, outside of some fuzzy memories of 1998’s Slam and a guest spot on a record here and there. Still, I was eager to inject something new, good, and live into my calendar so I strolled out to the show solo. So glad I did; I was blown away!

Saul Williams has an amazing live show filled with electric emotion. This is an artist in the truest sense, not bound by genre or political correctness. Despite the disruptive acoustics at the venue, the set didn’t miss a single beat – even during the hushed moments when Saul performed his poetry. Anyone who knows me knows I cringe at the term “spoken word,” but this was the real deal and every bit as moving as the driving beats from the performers handheld drum.

And to top it all off, the entire band was so well dressed! Post show I got to meet Saul, and found out that he’s based in France when he’s not touring. His new home is truly reflected in a sense of style that transcends American rocker chic. I was also basking in the good style by drummer Guillermo Brown, who managed an understated glam that included a fur vest and custom ripped tea. Good style + good music = my heaven! Multi-instrumentalist Julien Chirol and DJ CX Kidtronik were also well dressed. Unfortunately, I was completely unprepared to take advantage of the moment, as I didn’t even have a phone camera on me. Argh!

Definitely check out Saul Williams’ latest release Volcanic Sunlight, as well as the rest of the catalogue. And if you get a chance to see him live, DO IT!

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