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Zakee’s “But You” is an Emo Valentine Dream

zakee south america

“Zakee collaborates with fellow Philadelphia vocalist, Res, for the latest single on his sophomore LP,Rise of the Rebels: Assimilations, due out this spring. A sweet ode to a lover, ‘But You’ draws the listener in with a catchy hook that you’re bound to find yourself singing to your boo. First up is Res’s sultry voice on the verse,showcasing a more demure vocal than the soul rock fans are used to hearing from the songstress. Zakee’s familiar raspy drawl floats over a soft bed of stripped down guitar melodies,and their harmony results in a genre-defying, mood-setting lullaby…a lullaby for sexy time.

Zakee notes, ‘I’m a Pisces, so I’m emo by nature. “But You” definitely channels my sensitive side, and I hope it will strike a chord with anyone who has someone special in their life. It’s also really dope to work with Res, because we’ve been friends for years.'”

inspired by ZAKEE's "But You" ft. Res

inspired by ZAKEE’s “But You” ft. Res by estylist on Polyvore

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