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Echos of Amy

As much as I love Amy Winehouse, I don’t often associate the height of fashion with the late crooner. But couturier Jean Paul Gaultier was so inspired by the bad girl of soul that he sent a fleet of models down the runway of couture show that were practically in Amy Winehouse costume! The show took place Wednesday in Paris during a week of shows, which present the small and exclusive group of haute couture collections – fashion in it’s “highest” form. And there was more than just the look of Amy in house, as live singers sang the Winehouse hits in the background.

Like Amy, the collection leaned heavily on decades past for it’s stylistic foundation. Of course, it being a Jean Paul Gaultier show, there were twists to be seen, including an assortment of colored hairdos that reached high above the already towering models’ heads.


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