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Hey There, Delusional

As a former performer I know that confidence counts as a big part of being able to command a stage and an audience. However, when that confidence tips the balance and far outweighs the talent in the equation it transforms into something far less appealing: DELUSION.

Such is the case with The Voice contestant Erin Martin. The former model was recently eliminated from the singing competition and blamed her demise on her coach, Cee Lo Green’s poor song choices for her. Martin also waved offed her end by saying “it’s a TV show,” implying that the way things played out had less to do with her abilities, than with how producers wanted to entertain viewers. In fact, she’s right: The fact that it’s a produced television show is the only reason she was ever in the running in the first place. I’m certain there were thousands of people will much better voices that didn’t even make it to the blind auditions. A homely girly with Erin’s voice? Yeah right. photo:

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The fact is if she were “the voice” she would be able rise the occasion and sing the hell out of any song they threw at her. Instead, not being able to choose her own music exposed how utterly weak her voice is. It’s true her rendition of “Hey There Delilah” was charming – especially the recorded version. Her live vocals, though, even when she chose her own song, were just weak. She’s a performer, yes, but not singer. At least not yet. And with such an obnoxious lack of humility she may never be.

I can only hope that Martin’s delusional statements are her being savvy enough to cause a media kerfluffle and extend her stay in the spotlight before she is soundly forgotten (note her sliding in the little quip about her albums on iTunes). Even this, though, is not enough to keep me interested in her music. Maybe she should try a sex tape.

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