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Rihanna’s New TV Show to Hunt Promising Fashion Designers

A long time ago, Rihanna was the classy, but “unfaithful” lover in the little black dress. Now she’s one of the most risqué and leading style figures of pop music. In fact, she must have tried every possible look in her short music career, which makes Rihanna undoubtedly a fashion thought leader.

In addition to being the face of big labels, Rihanna has introduced many obscure designers to the mainstream media and fans apart from. Now the singer is ready to host her own TV show dedicated to upcoming fashion designers. The 23 year old songstress announced her debut TV project in which unknown designers not known will fight a battle to dress Rihanna for her performance at the Wireless Festival in July, in London.

The pop superstar will work both behind and in front of the camera, while Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts will host the show. Nicola herself is not a novice in the fashion industry and has her Dainty Doll makeup range under her belt. The show will involve the promising novices competing against each other, trying to create fashionable outfits for celebrities and musicians.

The series is set to launch on British Channel Sky Living HD, and will run over 10 weeks.


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