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The Noisettes’ Shingai Channels Grace with Grace

Wow. Anyone who knows me know how much I frakkin idolize Shingai Shoniwa. The Noisettes’ album What’s the Time Mr. Wolf was on constant rotation around these parts for like 2 years (a loooooong time by my ADD standards). So when I saw these shots you can image my reaction… *mouth open* *eyes wide* *gasp* These. Are. HOT!!!

Grace Jones and David Bowie are enduring icons from the ’70s, so it makes sense that both are seeing their images and style rehashed so much lately, as a major 70s revival is happening in fashion. Many have attempted to channel Grace Jones, but few have done it was so much authentic grace as Shingai does here. I’m in love all over again. (Click the below pic for a hi-res version) via Beauty is Diverse

One Response to “The Noisettes’ Shingai Channels Grace with Grace”

  1. citizen jane says:

    this chick is staggeringly beautiful. in so many ways.