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Madonna Talks about Lady Gaga, Defends Open Sexuality

Madonna’s recent interview on Nightline is buzzing across the net – not because the 53-year-old pop legend reportedly has a new $40 million dollar record deal, and not because she’s playing the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year. Folks are clamouring to watch the interivew to hear Madonna’s opinions on Lady Gaga. Personally, I’ve yet to be moved by Lady Gaga’s music, so I don’t think she can even hold a candle to the great Mother Madge. Still, I do like how Gaga is re-blazing the trail back to theatrics and storytelling in pop music. Listen to Madonna’s opinions starting around 2:22.

Now watch Madonna defending her MTV-banned video for “Justify My Love” in another Nightline interview from 1990. It’s so incredible to see how 22 years hasn’t quenched her passion, but just refined the fire! My favorite part is @9:10 when she questions why it’s “okay for a 10 year old to see someones body ripped to shreds” while her honest expression of adult sensuality was causing such a stir.

It’s especially poignant how this clip ends – with the anchor talking about war in the Persian Gulf. It seems cyclical trends aren’t just found in fashion, but in society in general… and around and ’round we go.

Watch the “Justify My Love” video here.

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