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Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show + Wardrobe

It won’t be the first time for me to say that Madonna’s recent musical contributions have been pretty uninspiring (“every record sounds the same” – indeed). Yet the certifiable queen of pop still manages to command popular attention with the best of them. Her halftime performance during yesterday’s Superbowl was riveting, very well produced. There were plenty of flashing lights, acrobats and other such things to distract from the fact that Madge’s dancing has gotten a bit stiff over the years.

It might be sheer luck, but I’m betting it’s incredible business acumen that’s resulted in Madonna hitting a stride at a time in her career when most others have long been forgotten. Whether this women is resting on her laurels – or on the superstardom of younger acts – one thing is undeniable: she is a BADASS.


Check out the sketches of the custome Givenchy costumes Madonna wore for the halftime show, via Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

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