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“Do My Thing” – Estelle ft. Janelle Monaé

When I saw the title and byline for this new track I literally sat up in my chair. Two of my favorite ladies have teamed up to bring us this dancable track that celebrates individuality. Though the sound is lighthearted and full of energy, I can’t help but think of how it’s this very nonconformity that makes these two artists less known than they should be. “Do My Thing” is from Estelle’s upcoming album All of Me, set for release February 28, 2012.

Truth be told the song is fun, but it doesn’t touch the depths of joy that these two women can bring with music that’s unbound by programming plans. So don’t stop at this song (or at “American Boy” & “Tightrope”) in your understanding of these incredible artists. Check out the Recommended Listening below.


Janelle Monae

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