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Mad Men Introduces Elle King

Source: via EightyJane on Pinterest

Season 6 of AMC’s mega hit TV drama Mad Men premieres April 7, 2013 and fans of the show are frothy in anticipation. The buzz has been helped along by Season 5 of the show finally hitting Netflix on March 25. Right on time for some binge viewing before the premiere!

I first fell in love with the show for the sensational storyline and beautiful costumes. In recent seasons, though, a well-placed soundtrack has developed as a third reason Mad Men is one to watch. So far, trailers and teasers for Season 6 don’t reveal much about what’s going to happen, but they do hit some mood-setting notes with the music. In the promo above the voice of Elle King caught my ear as reminiscent of one of my fave singers, Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes.

Source: via EightyJane on Pinterest

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