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Nicki Minaj On the Cover of Wonderland

Nicki Minaj was in the news for her provocative video Stupid Hoe, which was announced a couple of weeks ago. It shall officially be released before the 14th of February and features Nicki in pastel makeup and pink hair.

Talking about pink hair, she sports a brighter shade of pink on the cover of Wonderland’s February – March issue. The mag would hit the newsstands this week in Britain. In an exclusive interview to the magazine, the pop star reveals how she handles her alter-egos and how she withdraws to her introspective-self once she is offstage. However, Nicki’s onstage persona is that of raucous color-obsessed diva who doesn’t think much before playing with various hues.

Nicki is not the first one though, to experiment with pink hair color. Gwen Stefani colored her hair pink in the video Ex-girlfriend, the first single from the album Return of Saturn. Pink, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and even Lady Gaga have also experimented with pink colored hairstyles in the past.


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